OM2, OM3 or OM4 fibre cabling- What is the difference?

Fibre optic networks provide connectivity for long distance and very high bandwidth network communications. Deciding which standard of multi-mode cabling will be sufficient to meet your needs depends upon the length of the fibre optic connection that is required and the amount of data that you need to transmit.

OM1 cable will give you only a very basic fibre optic data link and is typically used to communicate across distances of around 100-275m.

OM2 will go slightly further, providing you with support for gigabit applications over a distance of anything up to around 550m.

OM3 multimode cabling can transmit data at the faster rate of 10 gigabit per second and can be used to support more complex applications than OM1 or OM2 cabling. OM3 will successfully transmit 10G of data across a distance of around 300m.

OM4 cabling improves further still on OM3 because it is capable of transmitting 10GB across a distance of 550m. OM4 cables can also be used to send ultra-fast 100GB signals over short distances of around 125m.

Deemrose Data Cabling

Deemrose Data Cabling of New Milton, Hampshire install, terminate and test multi-mode fibre optic cabling across Dorset, Hampshire and the UK. For more information please visit the Deemrose Data Cabling website.


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